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Focusing On Garage Doors

Translating What You Garage Door Is Saying When It Starts Talking

by Sheila Berry

It's normal for garage doors to make some noise when they open and close, particularly if they've been operating for a long time. However, certain sounds indicate there is a problem with the door. The trick is to decipher what those sounds mean, so you can get the problem fixed. Here are some common noises broken garage doors make and what they may signify so that you know when to get garage door repairs.

Grinding Noises

In other situations, a grinding noise would indicate a serious problem. In the case of garage doors, however, this sound generally indicates there may be a problem with the chain or belt that pulls the door open and closed. The part may be too loose or tight and simply need adjusting.

You can confirm this is the problem by doing a visual inspection. A chain or belt that appears to hang farther down than normal, have actually fallen off the sprockets, or bolts and nuts that seem to be askew, typically indicate some adjustments in this area need to be made.

Luckily, this is usually an easy fix, and your owner's manual may have instructions on how to do this repair. You can also find directions online using a Google search. If you're uncomfortable doing it, feel free to call a garage door technician for assistance.

Thumping Sounds

Unlike with grinding noises, thumping sounds indicates a more serious problem with your garage door. This sound usually occurs when you've broken a torsion spring, a part that helps pull the door open and closed. Torsion springs are usually located above the garage door. Thus, you can also do a visual inspection to determine if one of them has snapped.

A broken torsion spring must be fixed right away because there's a risk the other one will snap after being forced to bear the entire weight of the garage door. However, unless you have significant experience fixing garage doors, this isn't a DIY job. It's best to have a professional replace this part for you at the first available appointment you can get. The nice thing about having a technician do it is the company will usually warranty the work, so you can have the person come back and make additional fixes for free or low cost if something goes awry.

This is only a couple of the odd sounds your garage door may make when something has gone wrong. To help diagnose other unfamiliar noises, contact a garage door repair company.