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Focusing On Garage Doors

3 Reasons To Install A Pass-Through Door In Your Home's Garage

by Sheila Berry

While most common in industrial applications, pass-through doors are being installed more frequently in residential garage doors. A pass-through door (sometimes called a pedestrian door) is simply a normal human-sized door installed in your garage door that allows you to access it without the need to fully open or close the garage door. Below are three good reasons to consider installing a pass-through door in your garage.

1. Increases Energy Efficiency With a Smaller Door Footprint

Every time you fully open your garage door, you expose your garage to the elements outside. If you have an attached garage, keeping your garage door open can reduce the energy efficiency of your home. A detached garage can quickly become too cold to work in when the temperatures outside are freezing — every time you open the door, all the cold air outside rushes inside, causing the temperature to plummet.

By installing a pass-through door, you can easily access your garage without having to fully open the garage door. Most pass-through doors are installed with full weather stripping, which prevents the aperture between the pass-through door and the garage door from letting the outside weather into your garage. Without the need to constantly open and close your garage door in order to access your garage, it's easier to maintain comfortable temperatures inside.

2. Enhances Security by Blocking the View Into Your Garage

It's common for people working in their garages to keep their garage door open to allow easy access. After all, who wants to wait for the garage door to open and close each time you need to go inside your garage? Unfortunately, keeping your garage door open allows people who pass by to see what's inside your garage. If you have valuable tools or are using your garage as a storage space, criminals may take notice and decide to break in to your garage when you're not home.

With a pass-through door, you don't have to keep your garage door open. In addition, anyone who is looking at your garage door when you open the pass-through door will only be able to see a tiny slice of the inside of your garage rather than the whole thing. In this way, a pass-through door is a security feature for your garage — it doesn't let potential criminals see what's inside.

3. Reduces Wear on Your Garage Door's Moving Parts

One of the reasons why pass-through doors are common in industrial applications is that constantly opening and closing a garage door causes considerable wear on its motor and springs. A pass-through door allows employees to access the garage without wearing out its components. The same principle applies to residential garage doors — if you're frequently opening and closing the door to your garage in order to get inside, you're placing a lot of stress on it. Using a pass-through door to access your garage can extend its lifespan by reducing the work its motor needs to do.

If you'd like to install a pass-through door on your garage, it's best to contact a professional residential garage door installation company. A pass-through door requires some changes to the design of your garage door, including a safety sensor that prevents the garage door from opening while the pass-through door is open. You'll also want to have the weather stripping installed by a professional in order to maximize energy efficiency.