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Have you ever stopped to look at your garage doors? Although most people don't think twice about how they appear, the fact of the matter is that garage doors can take up quite a decent amount of outdoors space, making your home look terrible. I took a good, hard look at my garage doors a few weeks back, and then I started making some changes that helped them to look better alongside the rest of my home. Read this blog to understand how to use your garage doors to improve the outer appearance of your home. After all, every detail counts.




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Focusing On Garage Doors

3 Ways To Accentuate Your New Garage Doors

by Sheila Berry

If you have recently decided that you need to spruce up the exterior of your home, then you may have already invested in a new residential garage door installation. A new garage door (especially if your garage is on the front of your home) will really bring the exterior of your house to life and make it look more modern and up to date. Whether you went with a traditional style or something a little more modern, here are a few ways that you can accentuate your new garage doors and make them look even better. Ready to learn more? Read on. 


You have more than likely seen your fair share of pergolas on residential patios, but have you ever seen a pergola that hangs above the garage door? A pergola is a great way to add distinction and dimension to your garage door and make your whole house look a little more chic. Plus, pergolas come in a variety of different materials that you can choose from, depending on the overall aesthetic vibe of your home. Choose from vinyl, wood, and more.


Another great way to accentuate your new garage door is to buy large planter pots and place them on either side of the garage door. Large planters will really give your garage doors some more character and make them look more put together. Additionally, you can plant things like topiaries, flowers, or succulents in your pots, depending on the style of your home. Planters are fun because you can change out the plants based on the season. For instance, in the summer you can do fun flowers, in fall you can do mums, and for winter you can just plant something like a boxwood. 

Add Paint

If your garage door came in white, you don't have to keep it that color. You can either paint it yourself or have it professionally painted to give it a really unique and personalized look. As a tip, try matching your garage door color to your front door. For instance, if you have a black front door, consider painting your garage door black as well. 

Having new garage doors installed by a residential garage door installation company is the perfect way to enhance the exterior of your home, but following one or more of the tips above will take things up a notch. Be the envy of your neighborhood!