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Focusing On Garage Doors

Make The Switch To Hydraulic Hangar Doors

by Sheila Berry

Air travel has reduced the amount of time it takes to trek great distances. Airplanes are valuable pieces of equipment that need to be protected in order to ensure their structural integrity. Most people park their private planes in hangars while they are not in use.

A hangar is essentially a large garage that can safely house an aircraft. The type of door that is installed on your hangar can have a significant impact on the accessibility and convenience of the space. Hydraulic doors are your best option for a more secure and functional hangar.

Hydraulic hangar doors are safe.

Safety is a primary concern whenever you are working on or around an aircraft. You don't want the hangar door to come crashing down onto your plane while you are wheeling it on or off the tarmac.

Hydraulic doors are designed with a counterweight balance that prevents accidental closing. Even if a hydraulic hose were to burst and the system lost all its pressure, positive pressure must be distributed in order for the door to close. Any loss in pressure locks the door in the open position, preventing the potential for injury or property damage.

Hydraulic hangar doors offer shade.

Some aircraft maintenance and repair tasks require the plane to be removed from the enclosed hangar. Working while exposed to the hot sun can be uncomfortable. Technicians will experience fatigue faster and the quality of any repairs made could be compromised.

A hydraulic hangar door swings up vertically to act as an awning when it is in the open position. This means that you can park your plane in the shade while completing maintenance and repairs.

Hydraulic hangar doors are durable.

Another characteristic that makes hydraulic doors attractive for aircraft hangars is the durability of these doors.

A hydraulic door is constructed as a single unit. There are no breaks in the door like there are with bi-fold doors. This single-unit design allows a hydraulic door to stand up to hurricane winds with ease. A bi-fold door could buckle under the pressure of extreme winds.

The durability of a hydraulic hangar door extends to the opening mechanisms of these doors as well. Bi-fold doors have lift straps that can be weakened by age or exposure to the sun. The motor that powers a hydraulic door is installed inside the hangar itself, providing the opening mechanism with protection against exposure to the elements.